Parent Testimonials

“From our perspective, the preschool program has been a terrific experience. Both academically and socially we have seen tremendous growth. We appreciate the focus on creativity and expression, as well as the genuine affection our child’s teachers clearly have for each child and early education.”

“Our daughter is always excited to go to school. She has learned a lot in her class and has been involved in tons of neat new experiences and has created so many awesome art projects and crafts. Her teachers are very high energy and organized, which keeps the classroom experience fun, focused and constantly transitioning to new themes and activities.”

“We love how hands-on the preschool program is! It’s learning the children can relate to, and it keeps the kids engaged. I’m so happy with how much they play outside year round. The extra-curricular activities are great too- Spanish, Music, Soccer Shots! You can see how much the teachers love the children. We love our Trinity family.”

“Trinity’s Pre-K experience has better prepared my child for kindergarten. She takes her weekly “assignments” very seriously and wants to complete them all! She has learned a tremendous amount as well as grown emotionally. She loves the school as it essentially is her second home; Trinity really is a family. I do not trust many with the care of my children, but I trust the teachers and our Trinity family to care for them. The children love it so much, some days they want to stay even longer and play. Thank you!”

“Trinity has allowed our daughter to learn and grow at her own pace. Their curriculum is the perfect stepping stone for kindergarten. Her writing has developed and improved beyond our imagining. Overall we are grateful for the kindness and genuine love they have for all of the lovely kids!”

“The preparation that our daughter has received thus far has more than exceeded our expectations. We are so incredibly thankful for the engaging and rewarding environment she has been exposed to in Pre-K at Trinity. We now have high expectations for kindergarten. Thank you for the epitome of a creative learning experience!”

“We have been incredibly happy with our daughter’s Pre-K year. She has loved every day. She has been to a couple different schools and this year at Trinity is the first time she can’t wait to go to school in the mornings and doesn’t want to leave in the evenings. We are impressed with the wealth of knowledge she has learned at Trinity and we absolutely adore her Pre-K teachers! They will certainly be the request for our younger daughter to be in their Pre-K class.”

Stacey Webb

Trinity Episcopal Preschool is certainly far from a daycare center. It is a preschool with a thriving community of families who are committed to building the foundation of our children’s education. My son has attended Trinity since the age of two. He is now three and a half years old. Our experience at Trinity has been a blessing in so many ways which I will give in my following testimony. Above all, when I drop off my child, I know my child is safe and with the best. The social skills and problem solving techniques which have been taught are priceless. Some basic skills my son has mastered at his age include: identifying alphabet letters, numbers and shapes and completing patterns using letters, numbers and shapes, counting 1-25 in English and 1-10 in Spanish, spelling his name, using scissors properly and learning the meaning of responsibility through daily classroom jobs.

I am so blessed that my son enjoys our Christian faith and is introduced to this at Trinity at an early age. He can say many prayers which they routinely practice prior to eating lunch in the classroom. Amazingly, he has been taught and can clearly say, the Lord’s Prayer and proudly recites every word with accuracy and joy. Additional classes offered at Trinity in addition to the school curriculum at no additional cost are amazing. The students have the opportunity to experience weekly chapel visits, science class, music and Spanish classes.

What I find special is the involvement of Ms. Lisa McMurtrie, the director of Trinity in the children’s education. She teaches the science program to the entire school and she has introduced the lacrosse program to the students. Her active participation with the children proves that she is a fantastic contribution to the student’s overall success.My son has had the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities at Trinity. Since his enrollment began, he has been offered the following programs: piano classes, yoga lessons (baby yoga), soccer shots, basketball and lacrosse. These activities provide more opportunities to help keep my child healthy and active. It is an honor and privilege to have my child attend Trinity.

Stacey Webb

Wes Bollinger

My wife and I chose TEP for our daughter Aubrey and we could not be more thrilled regarding our decision. We were slightly nervous with our daughter’s transition from a in home day care to a school setting, but quickly we were put at ease by Aubrey’s growth both socially and academically. The faculty and staff at TEP are nurturing and it is obvious how much effort and care they invest in every single child. The teachers are tremendous at providing a curriculum for their students that is challenging yet enjoyable. As a parent, there is nothing more satisfying then seeing the immense sense of pride our daughter has of her achievements at Trinity, and because of that, we could not be happier with our decision to send our daughter to TEP.

Wes Bollinger

Kirk & Amy Mantay

Trinity Preschool came highly recommended from coworkers and friends in the community, and we are so glad and grateful our son has spent three years here. His transition from an informal, in-house day care came just at the right time, and Trinity’s programs and welcoming community filled him up with the friendships, learning, and positive environment he was craving.

As we toured schools for the next level of his education, we were excited to see that Baltimore’s best primary schools use the exact same activities and some of the same teaching methods as our son’s teachers at Trinity. This means that while he’ll face many changes in his primary school, his way of learning and interacting with teachers will be very familiar to him – a blessing.

Kirk & Amy Mantay