Parent Testimonials

Stacey Webb

Trinity Episcopal Preschool is certainly far from a daycare center. It is a preschool with a thriving community of families who are committed to building the foundation of our children’s education. My son has attended Trinity since the age of two. He is now three and a half years old. Our experience at Trinity has been a blessing in so many ways which I will give in my following testimony. Above all, when I drop off my child, I know my child is safe and with the best. The social skills and problem solving techniques which have been taught are priceless. Some basic skills my son has mastered at his age include: identifying alphabet letters, numbers and shapes and completing patterns using letters, numbers and shapes, counting 1-25 in English and 1-10 in Spanish, spelling his name, using scissors properly and learning the meaning of responsibility through daily classroom jobs.

I am so blessed that my son enjoys our Christian faith and is introduced to this at Trinity at an early age. He can say many prayers which they routinely practice prior to eating lunch in the classroom. Amazingly, he has been taught and can clearly say, the Lord’s Prayer and proudly recites every word with accuracy and joy. Additional classes offered at Trinity in addition to the school curriculum at no additional cost are amazing. The students have the opportunity to experience weekly chapel visits, science class, music and Spanish classes.

What I find special is the involvement of Ms. Lisa McMurtrie, the director of Trinity in the children’s education. She teaches the science program to the entire school and she has introduced the lacrosse program to the students. Her active participation with the children proves that she is a fantastic contribution to the student’s overall success.My son has had the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities at Trinity. Since his enrollment began, he has been offered the following programs: piano classes, yoga lessons (baby yoga), soccer shots, basketball and lacrosse. These activities provide more opportunities to help keep my child healthy and active. It is an honor and privilege to have my child attend Trinity.

Stacey Webb

Wes Bollinger

My wife and I chose TEP for our daughter Aubrey and we could not be more thrilled regarding our decision. We were slightly nervous with our daughter’s transition from a in home day care to a school setting, but quickly we were put at ease by Aubrey’s growth both socially and academically. The faculty and staff at TEP are nurturing and it is obvious how much effort and care they invest in every single child. The teachers are tremendous at providing a curriculum for their students that is challenging yet enjoyable. As a parent, there is nothing more satisfying then seeing the immense sense of pride our daughter has of her achievements at Trinity, and because of that, we could not be happier with our decision to send our daughter to TEP.

Wes Bollinger

Kirk & Amy Mantay

Trinity Preschool came highly recommended from coworkers and friends in the community, and we are so glad and grateful our son has spent three years here. His transition from an informal, in-house day care came just at the right time, and Trinity’s programs and welcoming community filled him up with the friendships, learning, and positive environment he was craving.

As we toured schools for the next level of his education, we were excited to see that Baltimore’s best primary schools use the exact same activities and some of the same teaching methods as our son’s teachers at Trinity. This means that while he’ll face many changes in his primary school, his way of learning and interacting with teachers will be very familiar to him – a blessing.

Kirk & Amy Mantay

Lennie Rettkowki

As a parent of 2 preschoolers, we highly recommend Trinity Preschool to all of our family, friends and anyone searching for the right school for their children. Their knowledgeable and nurturing staff prove day-in and day-out that the children are their number one priority. We could not be happier with the education our boys are receiving and the fact that they truly love going to school can be directly attributed to the entire Trinity family. There is a true sense of community and transparency between parents, teachers, administrators that gives us confidence that we could not have chosen a better preschool for our children.

Lennie Rettkowki

Nicole Yoder

Our daughter, Peyton, has gone to TECC since she was three years old. She is our oldest, and so we were particularly careful when choosing a school for her to attend. We could not be happier with our choice. We drop her off in the morning knowing that each and every day she is going to a safe place that is nurturing and that she is learning. The teachers and staff at TECC do a great job of getting to know each and every child and their needs, and make learning fun. We know she will be more than ready for kindergarten next year because of all of the hard work she did this school year! We would recommend TECC to anyone looking for a first rate school for their little one.

Thank you, Nicole Yoder

Liz Smith

“My husband and I have been so happy with the experience we have had at trinity episcopal childrens center. The teachers and staff have been so warm and kind to our family. Our twins had an amazing year in the 3 year olds class. Both of their teachers were loving and beyond attentive to their individual needs. Every day of school came with warm smiles, lots of hugs not to mention an outstanding curriculum. Our children learned so much that year and always had a lot of fun doing it! All Summer we were asked by our twins, “when can we go back to school?”. The girls missed not being at school all summer and it was a real joy to see them so happy to return to the four year olds class. Thanks to the energy, love, commitment and dedication of the incredible teachers at TECC, our girls love school and are off to a great start!! “

Jeffrey and Allison Simon

“Our first daughter started at Trinity Episcopal Children’s Center (TECC) in 2010, and now our second daughter is currently enrolled there as well. We chose TECC because of its social and academic programs, its reputation for preparing students for their next level of education, and for the school’s convenient location. We have found TECC to be a welcoming environment for our two children, and one that fosters social and academic growth. Our children have been made to feel loved and supported, and the staff has made learning enjoyable.

The school strives to make continuous improvements in its curriculum, and it offers a wide range of additional activities to compliment its core curriculum. We have been delighted in the new smaller class sizes which allow for more individual attention, and we have been very pleased watching the positive development of our two daughters under the guidance of a solid administration and teacher staff. As parents, we have found the administration and teacher staff to be very approachable and professional. Their follow up to any questions has always been timely, and their efforts to engage parents in their children’s development are appreciated. TECC has always had a reputation for providing a solid foundation for academic and social growth, and it continues to earn that reputation. We feel our daughter who recently entered Kindergarten was very well prepared for her next level of education.”

April Oettinger

“Our son Rowan came to TECC for pre-kindergarten. The intimate class size at TECC, where two teachers worked closely with Rowan and his classmates, provided an ideal transition from his previous home-based childcare program, and prepared him both socially and academically when he went to kindergarten at a local public school. During his first weeks at kindergarten, Rowan exclaimed more than once, “I am happy to meet new friends” and “I knew THAT already because I learned how to do it at TECC.” The teachers at TECC nurture an atmosphere of warmth, friendship, creative thinking, and laughter, while also instilling in the children respect for others and a love of learning. I was especially impressed by the curriculum, which included age appropriate activities that introduced diverse world cultures, scientific inquiry, and the creative arts.”

Beth Crassweller

“Our family is so grateful for all that Trinity has done for our daughter. She has had and continues to have a wonderful, nurturing preschool experience. The faculty and staff at Trinity are so knowledgeable and warm, and the exciting projects, events and classroom activities that the teachers present foster a playful love of learning. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me. Every day our daughter shares something new with us that she has learned at Trinity. She truly feels at home there, and is excited every day to go to school. Trinity not only creates active young learners, but it teaches children how to be good citizens of their community and of the world.”