Preschool Enrollment

Trinity Episcopal Preschool in Towson, Maryland
is currently enrolling for Summer and Fall of 2014.

Enrollment - Trinity Episcopal Children's Center

Once enrollment for a school year begins, the spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis.

All applications are subject to review and Trinity Preschool reserves the right to decline an enrollment application for new or existing families for any reason.

Families will be notified by February 1st if their enrollment/re-enrollment application for the upcoming school year has been denied.

All new and existing families are required to submit an application/re-enrollment fee each year.

Click on the following pre-school programs for more information:

  • Gradual Entry: Trinity Preschool implements a gradual entry program for all of our new students entering into our two year old programs.
  • Early Fall Birthdays: Children with Early Fall Birthdays (September and October), will initially be placed in the class of the age that they are as of September 1st.
  • Summer Enrollment: Families are given the option in March to enroll for the entire summer, the first week in June (the last actual week of school), or for the entire month of June.
  • Re-enrollment: The re-enrollment process for existing students typically begins the second week in January for the following school year, followed by siblings and then members of Trinity Church and newly enrolling families.
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