Early Fall Birthdays

Children with Early Fall Birthdays – September and October

Children with early fall birthdays will initially be placed in the class of the age that they are as of September 1st. For example, if your child does not turn 4 until September 20th then your child will be placed in a three-year-old class for the fall.

If during the enrollment process, a family expresses interest in placing their child in the older age group in the fall, they will be notified by June 1st if space becomes available.

Upon availability, parents will have a formal conference with the current classroom teachers and administration to discuss placement recommendations for the following year. This will enable parents to make an informed decision. Especially in the pre-kindergarten, we have to reserve those spaces for those who are eligible to progress onto kindergarten the following year.

Once a new school year has begun, new student applications for the following school year may be accepted and those families will automatically be placed on a waiting list. New / wait-listed families will not be notified of availability until after existing families, siblings, and church members have had an opportunity to enroll.

New families will be informed of their enrollment status by mid February.