Gradual Entry Program

Trinity Episcopal Preschool implements a gradual entry program for all of our new students entering into our two year old programs. Every new two year old student will attend school until 10am on their first day of school and the transition will gradually continue on an individual basis. If the child is able to acclimate and begin interacting in the classroom within that hour, the next day they will be asked to stay for two hours, then half the day, and then the whole day.

The more children are exposed to play groups, and outside care before starting school, the easier and quicker their transition will be. All children are different, and the process is being put into place to allow us the flexibility to let new students adjust at their own pace. The described acclimation process above can progress faster or slower depending on the individual child.

The gradual entry is designed to make the whole process easier on the parents, teachers and first and foremost the children.