Community Service

Trinity Episcopal Preschool Gives Back!

Teaching our young children the importance of helping others is an important part of our education program at Trinity Episcopal Preschool. We feel that as part of a Christian community, community service is something that she starts at the preschool level and should involve our families, as well as the church community. We have several outreach programs that we support throughout the year:

Community ServiceEvery Christmas, at our Annual Breakfast with Santa, we hold a toy drive for Toys for Tots. Each child in the school brings one unwrapped toy to the breakfast which are collecting right next to Santa before they ask for their gifts. It has been a successful tradition which the children love! Those toys are then delivered before the holidays to help families in need.

Community ServiceAt Thanksgiving, Trinity Episcopal Preschool joins the entire Towson community to support the Assistance Center of Towson Churches (ACTC) in assembling and distributing Thanksgiving food bags. The children help walk those bags down to the collection area before we gather as a community for our Annual Thanksgiving Feast!

Community ServiceTrinity Preschool also supports the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology Division of the Kimmel Cancer right here in Baltimore. We hold an Annual Trike Ride and 100% of those proceeds go directly to fund research on pediatric brain tumors. We also hold a “Band-Aid” drive each October, right before Halloween, and collect those Band-Aids to take to the children who are undergoing treatment at the center. Selecting colorful Band-Aids is a huge treat for them and helps to brighten their day!