Promoting Self-Awareness and Independence

Pre-K Program

The pre-kindergarten program at Trinity Episcopal Preschool fosters children to become active participants in their learning environment, promote independence and self-awareness.

Through the teacher’s guidance the children are encouraged to explore their classroom environment and learn from one another. The teacher provides support and assistance, but the children create the environment for learning and discovering. The themes can either be teacher or student driven depending on the interest of the children combined with the academic needs of the whole class.

The children learn the alphabet in a non-traditional order. The order focuses on the letters that are used most frequently to begin initiating the reading process. Furthermore, throughout the theme the teachers will integrate mathematical concepts (patterns, one-to-one correspondence, odd/even numbers, more/less, and introduction to addition/subtraction), language development (phonemic awareness, sound discrimination, rhyming sounds, basic sight words, handwriting etc.), scientific thinking (problem solving, step-by-step directions, reasoning skills), social studies, and social/emotional development.

The teachers consistently encourage and support the children to independently problem solve social situations that may arise in  and out of the classroom. The teachers encourage children to promote an open, caring, environment where all children can express their ideas and feelings.

Through hands-on exploration, a loving classroom environment, and social interactions we foster development of the whole child.

Pre-K Program     Pre-K Program