The Three’s

Teamwork and Self-Expression

Threes Program

The three-year-old program continues the development of socials skills extending on teaching the children problem solving techniques as well as conflict resolution strategies.

The program is tailored by teaching formal language arts and more in-depth mathematical concepts. The focus of language arts is organized by teaching the alphabet in order, focusing on one letter each week. The children successfully identify all upper case letters and are introduced to the beginning sounds. Typically the academic themes are centered on the letter of the week. For instance, the children will learn about taste for letter T and all their activities with involve some aspect of the tongue. Furthermore, the mathematical concepts will engage the children by counting 1-10 by rote, grasping how much each number represents, and successfully counting with one-to-one correspondence and introduction to patterns.

Threes Program

The children will expand their knowledge of what they learned in the two-year-old program beginning to follow two and three step directions, completing patterns, learning how to spell their first name, and using scissors.

The children also have the opportunity to have a “helper” job every day; it could be anything from line leader to prayer helper to book collector. Having the children partake in jobs fosters independence and responsibility, as well as, making the children feel a part of the classroom community.

Children are encouraged to express their creative thoughts and ideas at all times!

Threes Program      Threes Program