The Two’s

Development of Social and Emotional Skills

Twos Program
The children start their (academic) day with “circle time,” which begins the children’s process of learning how to listen, take turns, and follow directions. The teachers, through play and hands-on experiences, help foster a loving environment that encourages the children to engage in large and small group activities. Through these activities, children will develop appropriate language skills to effectively communicate with their peers and teachers.

The two-year-old academic curriculum is based on themes. For example, the twos do a unit on different animals around the world, in which their classroom activities will center on not only the animal characteristics, but the animals are also used to teach geography, math, science, and language arts. Through the themes the children are easily exposed to the more academic concepts, including an introduction to the alphabet, counting, patterns, colors, and shapes.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each individual classroom, allowing the teachers the flexibility to adjust to the needs of the students that attend only two or three days a week.

Always creating innovative ways to teach.

Twos Program        Twos Program