Special Areas

Trinity Episcopal Preschool offers a wide array of “specials” which are programs designed to enhance the unique learning styles of our students while creating an appreciation for each of the different disciplines. The special area classes take place outside of your child’s classroom with the exception of art.

All specials take place approximately 30 minutes each week. Classes with part time students rotate an A week and a B week so everyone has the opportunity to engage in all the specials.

They include Science (3’s and Pre-K), Music, Chapel, Art, Library, and Gym (5 day students).

  • Science: The Science Program is designed to seek out the sense of wonder and curiosity in each child.
  • Music:The Music program engages the children to move and express themselves through playing instruments, dance, song & performances.
  • Spanish: New program in 2013
  • Chapel: Trinity Episcopal Preschool Children will experience God at their own developmental level.
  • Art: The Art Program is designed to branch out from the traditional preschool “crafts” and provide the children an opportunity to freely express themselves using different media.
  • Library: The library program is designed to foster every child’s love for books through the help of our families.
  • Gym: Our gym program is designed to focus on the development of specific age appropriate gross motor skills including balance, coordination (whole body and hand-eye), agility, etc.