Preschool – Chapel

During our weekly thirty-minute service, Trinity Episcopal Preschool children will experience God at their own developmental level as they learn . . .

  • to praise God through song, prayer, and story.
  • to experience the joy of worshipping with school mates
  • that the Bible is a book of stories about God.
  • that we are all part of God’s family.
  • that the church is a warm and caring place.

For preschoolers:

  • Faith is caught, not taught.
  • The Bible is a Big Book.
  • God is a parent, Santa Claus, Jesus’s Fathers, the Minister.
  • Morality is imitative.
  • Good is equated with pleasure.
  • Parents are seen as moral figures.
  • Self Image & Peer relationships are in an early stage of development.

We use materials with the above characteristics in mind. Stories used in chapel are from the Godly Play curriculum and from books written for preschool children. Feel free to visit the chapel by making arrangements in the school office.