Summer Camp – 2017

Our camp programs are designed to create a unique shared learning environment throughout the entire school! Each camp theme is designed to include all learning domains, not just those specific to the individual camp theme.

Each camp will continue Trinity’s focus on creating a balance between academics, group and individual activities, free exploration and positive social interactions that addresses the needs of the whole child.

There are four themed sessions for the Summer of 2017. Each session lasts for two weeks.

Summer Camp begins June 19th with these 2017 Themes:

    • Session 1-June 19th to June 30th-Dinosaurs: Roar!!! Explore the wonderful world of dinosaurs as we discover fossils, the names of the largest and smallest dinosaurs and unravel the mystery of how they became extinct!
    • Session 2-July 3rd to July 14th : (Closed for July 4th!) Tropical Paradise: Aloha! Your children can relax and dip their toes in the sand as the learn about the most famous beaches in the world, study the ocean and animals that live there and learn about tropical plants and flowers!/li>
    • Session 3-July 17th to July 28th-Bible Camp: The Fruits of the Spirit come alive with this fun an interactive Bible camp! We will be learning about many bible stories and discovering how we can use the Fruit of the Spirit in our own lives!
    • Session 4-July 31st to August 11th-Space Camp: Three, two, one, blast off! Come with us as we explore the plants, the moon and how astronauts train for trips to outer space! We will learn how craters are made on the moon and how the constellations got their names!
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